Start Your Flossing Routine with the Help of Our Meridian ID Dentist, Dr. Stillings!

Did you know that according to a CDC study, one-third of Americans don’t floss at all? Flossing is a hard habit to start because we often weren’t taught to floss in our childhood. When we do start trying to floss as adults, it may seem like it takes too much time in our already busy day.  
However, there are plenty of easy ways you can start the habit–and it only takes an extra minute.  
Keep reading to learn these simple tips from our Meridian ID dentist, Dr. Stillings, on how to supercharge your flossing routine today! 
Create Manageable Goals 
The most significant pitfall to getting into the flossing habit is starting with goals that are too hard to achieve at first. Instead of aiming to floss every day after not having flossed at all throughout your life, start with a far more manageable goal of once per week.  
Once this goal is easy for you to achieve, start flossing for more days out of the week. 
Try Different Tools 
Do you have trouble holding regular floss, or floss doesn’t seem to fit in between your teeth easily? There are a variety of different flossing tools you can use to make it easier on yourself! Here are a few of the more popular ones:  
• Waxed or unwaxed floss 
• Tape floss 
• Interdental brushes 
• Water flossers 
After trying out a few types, you’ll find that one tool will be far easier to use than others, making it much easier to floss over time.  
Remind Yourself 
Last but not least, it’s easy to forget to floss at night when you’re tired and ready to be done with the day. To combat this, try placing your floss in areas where you relax the most, such as by your couch, in the car, or by your work desk.  
When you see the floss, you’ll be reminded to start this habit, and you may find it easier to floss while you watch TV or listen to music instead of standing in your bathroom.  
Schedule an Appointment With Our Meridian ID Dentist Today 
Keep in mind that no oral hygiene routine is complete without regular, six-month appointments with Dr. Stillings! We’ll brush, polish, and floss your teeth, check for any developing issues, screen you for oral cancer, and apply fluoride to protect and strengthen your enamel.  
Over time, you’ll enjoy a beautiful smile and teeth that rarely get cavities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!
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