Say Goodbye to Dental Fear: Meet Our Caring 83646 Dentist

Dental anxieties can be a huge detriment to getting the dental care you need. This is because you’ll end up putting off your twice-yearly appointments until you’re dealing with more severe conditions that need treatment as soon as possible, such as cavities or gum disease. 
Fortunately, finding a dentist like Dr. Stillings who prioritizes helping those with dental anxieties will make each of your appointments far easier.  
Keep reading to learn ways our caring 83646 dentist can help you overcome your dental fears and receive the dental care you need!  
Empathy and Patience 
One of the top factors of a great dentist is their ability to empathize with their patients. This is especially necessary when interacting with people who have dental anxieties. An empathetic dentist like Dr. Stillings will take the time to listen to all of your questions and concerns. He'll also make sure to thoroughly explain each procedure and treatment we recommend so that anxious patients know exactly what to expect.  
Calming Environment 
Dentists that prioritize helping patients with anxieties will create an environment that reduces instead of increases stress. This can be as simple as being greeted by our friendly staff members as soon as you walk into the office and find a clean, tidy environment. There may also be calming music, televisions to distract you during your appointment, and soothing décor.  
Lastly, good dentists who are aware of your dental anxieties will encourage you to discuss different options to help you during your appointments. For instance, earbuds and a playlist of calming songs or your favorite podcast can be invaluable to keep yourself from overthinking during an appointment. Fidget toys and even a blanket are also excellent ideas. 
You’re not alone when it comes to dental anxieties. This is a fairly common experience in the United States, meaning that Dr. Stillings won’t be shocked or judgmental when you open up to us about it. Being open about your anxieties is a great idea because we can take more time to provide more guidance during appointments, offer laughing gas, and more.  
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