Start Your New Dental Journey with Our Dental Implants in Meridian

Many dentists and patients agree that dental implants are the most effective way to restore your smile. This offers patients the opportunity to have a totally natural-looking smile that will stay securely in place for decades with the help of Dr. Fred Stillings. If dental implants are properly cared for, they will likely last the rest of your life. Our dental implants in Meridian ID are supported by a titanium screw that acts as roots. They fuse to your jawbone naturally over time and are extremely durable.
The tooth is a custom-made crown that will blend seamlessly with your smile. The crown will be the exact shade, shape, and size that you need to match your natural smile. Our Boise dental implants can replace singular or multiple teeth. This allows patients to restore their smile without compromising their healthy natural teeth. 
Advantages of Dental Implants
Natural looking
Extremely durable
Permanent restoration solution
Can last a lifetime
Disadvantages of Dental Implants
Expensive, a lifetime investment
Time-consuming to get and requires multiple visits
There is a risk of surgery failure but it is very rare
Types of Implants
Dr. Stillings will be able to tell you which of the three types of implants is right for you: 
Root Form Implant: This is the most common type of implant where the screw is shaped like the root of a tooth.
Plate Form Implant: A plate form implant has a flat and long shape and is better suited for a narrow jawbone.
Subperiosteal Implants: In some cases where there is not enough bone width or height for the root form or plate form implant, a subperiosteal implant may be prescribed. This type of implant is designed to sit on top of the bone but under the gums.
Call our office today to learn more about our dental implants in Meridian. You can reach Dr. Stillings at (208) 377-3206, or you can fill out an appointment request form directly on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!
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