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Straighten Your Smile in Multiple Ways with Our Orthodontist in Boise

Are you in need of an orthodontist in Boise, ID? Orthodontics specializes in straightening crooked teeth and other alignment-related issues. This can benefit patients both cosmetically and functionally. There are different methods of treatment to choose from if you wish to straighten your teeth. 
Your Boise orthodontist uses pressure to gradually move teeth to the desired position. Orthodontic appliances are made from an array of materials such as metal, ceramic and even plastic. These appliances use force to slowly straighten your smile to its proper place. Orthodontic appliances typically do not hurt, though they may cause some mild discomfort at times depending on your method of treatment. Consult with Dr. Fred Stillings to find out which method of treatment would be right for your smile.
We can help correct issues such as:
Misaligned teeth
Some methods of orthodontic treatment include braces, Invisalign, retainers, jaw repositioning appliances, spacers, palate expanders, headgear, and more. Your Boise orthodontist will discuss with you the best options to help you get the smile of your dreams. With the use of orthodontal appliances, you will be able to position your teeth to a beautiful and more comfortable position.
Care often takes several years to be completed. Orthodontic treatment is a lengthy process that requires regular visits for check-ups and monitoring. X-rays and examinations are necessary to make sure your treatment is progressing as planned. No smile is the same, so treatment should be unique to the patient’s lifestyle. Consult with your orthodontist in Boise, ID to determine what type of treatment would best suit your lifestyle.
Dr. Stillings is proud to provide exceptional dental care to the community and beyond! To learn more about which orthodontic procedure is best for you, contact our orthodontist in Boise by calling (208) 377-3206.