Learn the Best Times for Kids to Visit Our Meridian ID Orthodontist

It’s never too early for your child to take their first trip to the orthodontist. Many people assume that they should first take their child in middle school or high school after their adult teeth have come in. However, many children can benefit from visiting their orthodontist in Meridian ID when they are still developing their adult teeth.
It's recommended that your child first visit our orthodontist, Dr. Stillings, when they are about 6-7 years old. At age 7, your child’s primary molars will likely fully emerge as well as their front teeth. This is the time to visit because it can give them the opportunity to monitor the progression of your child’s smile development. Being able to track their natural alignment can help determine and possibly prevent the use of alignment correctment technology in the future. Ask Dr. Stillings if your child should come in for an alignment consultation!
Visiting your orthodontist early on can give them the chance to be proactive about your child’s dental health. Creating a dental alignment plan as your child’s smile progresses can save them from needing more drastic measures in the future. It can also save you from expensive dental bills associated with some alignment technology. Some orthodontic treatments such as braces, Invisalign, and ClearCorrect aligners can be quite expensive if they are used later on in life. Preventing any serious oral health issues can help your child have the healthy and happy smile that they deserve!
Reasons to Visit the Orthodontist
There are some behavioral signs that it may be time for your child to visit the orthodontist:
● Grinding teeth
● Cheek biting
● The jaw is too far forward or backward
● Misplaced or crooked teeth
● Difficulty chewing or speaking
● Loss of baby teeth too early or too late
Visiting an orthodontist early on in your child’s life can help prevent future issues and guarantee that their smile is on the right track. Behavioral issues associated with your child’s dental health can cause them a lot of stress and discomfort, so try to be vigilant about potential issues they may be experiencing.
Are Braces Right For Your Child?
Braces become an option after a child has lost all of their baby teeth and developed their adult teeth. The best time for your child to get braces depends on the severity and the cause of the misalignment of your child's teeth. There is a possibility to adjust a child’s smile before they require braces through the use of spacers and palate expanders. Typically, a child’s adult teeth will all emerge by about age 12-14. Once they have all their adult teeth fully emerged, your child will have the option to get braces.
Braces may also be paired with the use of rubber bands to help align your child’s bite. While wires and brackets gently shift their teeth to be straighter, bands will help readjust the alignment of your child’s bite. Together, these treatments will help your child’s smile function properly and look fantastic. Ask Dr. Stillings about the use of braces and rubber bands. 
Correcting a child’s smile is a journey, but you can get a jump start by being proactive about their care. Call your orthodontist in Meridian ID today at (208) 377-3206 to learn more about the benefits of an early orthodontic consultation. Help your child have a healthy smile that they can be proud of!
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