Dentist Boise Toothaches: Causes and Treatments

Got a toothache? Visit your Family Dentist in Meridian!

There are many different reasons as to why you may have a toothache. Typically, we equate a toothache to having a cavity, but that’s not always the case. A cavity is tooth decay caused by specific types of bacteria that produce acid that destroy the tooth’s enamel and its underlying layer, the dentin. Experiencing symptoms such as sharp pain when eating or drinking hot or cold foods could be the result of a cavity or it could be the result of tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is when the enamel that protects your teeth gets thinner or when gums recede. This exposes the underlying surface and reduces the protection of the enamel and gums to the tooth and root. Tooth sensitivity can come and go over time. There are ways to help prevent this from happening such as brushing daily with a toothpaste that doesn’t contain high levels of abrasives, flossing, and following a diet that is low in acid.
Sometimes a severe toothache can be a cavity or a cracked tooth. This severe pain may feel like a sharp, stabbing pain when you bite down on your food. In some cases, your toothache may not even be directly caused by your teeth, but by a sinus infection. If you find that only your upper teeth on both sides of your face are in pain, sinusitis could be the cause. Jaw pain may be caused by temporomandibular disorders caused by a direct injury or trauma to the jaw by tooth grinding or by arthritis or cancer affecting the jaw. Unremoved wisdom teeth could also cause severe jaw pain. 
If you or your family experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to see your Family Dentist in Meridian. Your Family Dentist in Meridian will be able to properly assess the mouth and accurately treat the pain. Before the appointment, try to gather as much information that you can about the toothache. Do you have a chipped or cracked tooth? Does your tooth hurt all the time or only when you’re eating? Is the tooth sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks? After your dentist finds out what’s wrong, they may give you medicine to treat the pain such as oral antibiotics or pain relievers. They may also have to repair the tooth or give a filling if there’s a cavity. The great thing about a family dentistry practice is that they can aid not only children’s teeth but also adult teeth. If you have a toothache that’s ongoing and feels severe, don’t hesitate to contact your Family Dentist in Meridian to avoid any further problems.