3 Tips to Improve Your Dental Health Routine from Your Meridian ID Dentist  

Are you tired of repeat cavities, painful toothaches, and want to regain control of your dental health? There’s no better time to start than now.

Since you already know that brushing twice a day and flossing at least once is imperative for healthy teeth, we’ve compiled some simple tips to boost your dental hygiene.  

Keep reading for three simple dental routine tips from your Meridian ID dentist!   

1. Decrease the Frequency of Sugar  

Did you know that the frequency you’re consuming sugar impacts your teeth more than the amount? This is because if you’re sipping soda, juice, or Gatorade all day, there is a constant buildup of harmful bacteria that cause tooth decaying acid.   

If you have a sweet tooth, try relegating specific times of day for your sugar consumption. For instance, wait to eat dessert till after dinner and be more mindful of how many sugary beverages you’re consuming throughout the day.   

Then, make sure to rinse your mouth with water afterward! 

2. Invest in an Electric Toothbrush  

There are plenty of affordable electric toothbrushes that you can find online today if you don’t want to spend big on a name brand. However, regardless of what brand you choose, most electric toothbrushes can do a far better job brushing our teeth than manually brushing.   

The fast bristle movement of electric toothbrushes helps remove even more plaque and food debris than traditional toothbrushes. In addition, some have automatic shutoffs, so you know when you’ve been brushing for two minutes.   

If you’re new to electric toothbrushes, we recommend purchasing one that offers varying speeds so that it’s easier to adjust to the new sensations.   

3. Don’t Rinse  

Many of us are used to rinsing out our mouths with water after brushing our teeth. However, this isn’t helping your teeth at all. Since most kinds of toothpaste include fluoride, you want to keep that toothpaste on your teeth for as long as possible to work better at protecting your teeth.   

If you rinse your toothpaste out, it doesn’t work as effectively. So instead, spit out the excess toothpaste and leave the rest in your mouth.

You can also opt only to do this in the evening if you’re having trouble adjusting to the sensation.   

Learning About Dental Health from Your Meridian, ID Dentist   

One of the best reasons to get six-month dental cleanings with Dr. Stillings is that he can help keep your teeth clean, strong, and plaque and tartar free.

Even better, they’ll be able to help you develop dental hygiene habits that are customized for your teeth and dental health goals.   

Ready to schedule your first appointment? Even if you have no insurance, we offer in-house payment plans. Contact us today to get started!   


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